Guide on How to Make Gold in Elder Scrolls Online

Gold Making Guides for Elder Scrolls Online



First, get started on your favorite builds. Get a build guide and copy the one(s) you like, then adjust them as you see fit.

Collect all the free materials you possibly can! Anything and everything you find… flowers and herbs, raw ore, wood, waters, tablets, etc. You can keep collecting and mats can be stacked in bundles of 100. If you’re a brand new player, you might want to throw a skill point into the Keen Eye passive but you don’t need to. Just a little exploring and searching and it’s pretty easy to see the mats you need to collect. There are pretty good farming locations in most zones and a simple gold making guide for eso will have all of them listed.


Whatever crafting professions you have chosen, be sure to learn the traits one at a time. After collecting all items in a particular area, you will want to research the ones you want and deconstruct the ones you don’t want for inspiration. Don’t buy raw mats – if you’re going to buy mats, buy refined base materials since they cost less and less money to buy later on.

You can also get the hirelings for free, passive materials. Although they deliver less than they did before update 6, they still provide you with free mats. Some people don’t want to spend the points needed for them…it’s a personal choice. You simply keep what you want for yourself and sell the rest for free gold.


You’ll want to find a couple of trading guilds in the bigger cities like Skywatch, Riften, Wayrest, etc. Again, a good quality gold guide should have the best places to find trading guilds. You can use zone chat and asked to be invited so you can then check out how many members they have. Find ones that are active.


Once you find a couple of good quality guild traders, do your research as to what items are abundantly available and which ones are not. Make a list of items that seem to be rare that sell at the highest prices. These are the items you’ll want to craft for selling / gold making.


There are several ways to do this, I don’t think this one requires explanation.

So you’ll want to explore as much as you can, open all crates, desks, bookshelves, etc. And do the quests!¬†Cyrodiil offers good quests as well that can net you a decent amount of gold.¬†*There are many, many more techniques to making money in the game. You can make buffs and potions to sell, craft custom gear and so on and so on.

ESO Universe offers a good Elder Scrolls Online Gold Farming Guide or two. They do change their content and guides that they list so check over there, the guides I’ve seen listed on their pages seem to be of good quality.